A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created for Indie Speed Run 2015

by Taco Illuminati

Jacob Sawyer

Saam Pahlavan

Damon Chandler




SuperInstaShopper_v0.2.1_win.zip 24 MB
SuperInstaShopper_v0.2.1_osx.zip 27 MB


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Беспощадный мега-шопинг!

YouTube: Denchik F. Let's PLAY

Hello! I wonder - how to contact developers by email? :)

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I thought that was funny and totally crazy, I never fought for cake like that before. Loved it. Gameplay link is attached, if this appears on gamejolt I will rate it there too:

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hey Fellowplayer, thanks for playing and thanks for the video!